Red Leather Jacket Men

What are the latest fashion trends in men leather jackets?

Fashion is changing very quickly and if you want to have something amazing, comfortable and warm than hurry up and watch the latest trends in men leather jackets! Today leather jackets attract not only bikers but large number of fashionable designers. It occupies one of the main places in man’s clothes. History of using leather in place of clothes began in the ancient times and now it’s a good tradition to have something from leather.

So what should know men about this season jackets? What is the best variant for them? We know answers on these questions: they want their clothes to be comfortable and casual.

They want a jacket which they could wear everywhere and it must be cool and simple at the same time. Designers as usual tried to do the best and created leather jackets that can make tough-guy man without being tough and of course they’re very comfortable and cool.

This time fashion collections have jackets that making men so intelligent and brave. Most of style depends on kind of leather. Bold proportions, original solutions, rich colors are relevant in many designer collections. What accents designers put in their collections 2014? Let’s have a look! The trends in the world of leather jackets are: bomber style, aviator and flight styles. Also many of items have pockets what makes using of jacket much more comfortable. Most often in collection 2014 we see bomber jackets. Earlier bomber jackets were worn mainly by teenagers, and today noble materials gave them a look quite harmoniously for the adult man. Distinctive features of such models are cuffs sewed in belts and elastic band collars.

As always biker jackets stay the most popular between all models. As we know native color for biker leather jackets is used to be black. But every season designers try to change some details or to make them in another color. For example this season Dsquared2 used dark-brown gamma for those jackets. Calvin Klein’s leather jacket has a knitted inserts underneath, this way it became very comfortable especially in a windy weather. The same idea used Givenchy and mixed black leather jacket with raglan, they exchanged leather sleeves to raglan sleeves. Also it’s very popular when jackets have more than two pockets. Andrew Mark made some leather jackets in a military style according to the models which were used during Vietnam War. These jackets have four pockets; such design is good for those who prefer military style and like big number of details.

Markets and brands also have a variety of different colors vintage leather jackets. New styles and forms of this season can satisfy everyone who decides to find leather jacket. The most fashion colors this time: black, brown, Bordeaux and dark-blue, also mix of colors is in trend too. Among all these colors we should pay attention to one the brightest and special. This is the red color.

A red leather jacket for men-it’s a good chance to show their strength and good taste. According to fact that red is in demand this season it’s perfect way to be fashionable. If you’re active person and spend all your time in move- then red color will inspire you and give you energy.

So what type of red leather jackets you can find? Red one in biker style- reminds us about king of pop-music and also it’s one of the distinguishing characteristics of participants Formula 1. If it’s combined with white stripes on the sleeves, it becomes a ‘classic of the genre’. It can be a good variant for drivers, as well as for men who loves to take risks. It’s made of fine leather and usually has four pockets, two on the top closed by zipper and two open pockets on the bottom. This style jacket has a low landing, making it as comfortable as in driving motorcycle and the machine. This season classic red leather jackets were transformed by adding stand-up collar and cuffs. Jacket of this style has a red velvet lining, which can be easily unhooked if you need. This style of jacket looks great with classic trousers and a turtleneck .Trousers and turtleneck are better to be in black color.

Men who prefer sports style need a red leather jacket in a bomber style. As usual bomber is short and it finishing at the waist with an elastic band, so it’ll be comfortable for active life. Made in red color it’ll be more interesting and bright.

As we were talking earlier mix of leather and other materials in one jacket is extraordinary and good decision. If you want such item, you will find it in a red color. Such jacket has red leather sleeves; front and back made from the wool with some leather inserts.

You know that red color has different tones which beginning from the scarlet and finishing bardeux. If you decided to stop your choice on the red leather jacket for men of any tone, remember that there are special rules in fashion which will help you to combine the colors. However, the red color is necessary not to overload with lots of other color and the best variant is to dilute it with one color only.