Quilted Leather Jacket

The new leather jacket trends for harsh winter

Some of us may posses a entire wardrobe for leather jackets suitable for every climate and special occasion, while others possess small but branded ones. But both have some common features. The leather jacket seems very comfy, warm, and always remains your first option for the cold weather. The new leather jacket trends for harsh winter are highly fashionable and specially designed keeping the latest teen fashion in mind. They are of different types and varieties as well. They are available in all sizes and shapes for both the genders in abundance.

Slim blazer jackets

This is the type of wear which can never be old. Slim blazers are quite popular among all because of their cute and decent look. This has also designs like cropped jackets. The extra liner in this jacket keeps your body heat intact this season. They can be found in many dark shades and animal prints as well. Furthermore they can be found in reasonable price tags also. This can be a casual wear or a formal wear too. So this harsh winter you can buy this ultimate wear for you or for your beloved.

Blue leather jackets

Blue leather jackets are highly suitable for people of cheerful and stylist mood. They can go with variety of pants and shirts. It can be a regular wear and party wear also depending upon its style. The styles include light blue button up jacket, or cardigan style jacket. The main attractions it is available only in the lucid shades of blue. So blue lovers must opt this. Furthermore we have seen many actors and actress looking marvelous in blue leather jackets. It can be found in many reliable online sites at cheap discounted prices, colors and sizes to fit people of different shapes and sizes. So girls and boys in order to look trendy, young and vibrant please try it in this harsh season.

Quilted hooded jacket

A quilted leather jacket is a must have staple this season. The jackets features faux fur hood, simple loose sleeves, closed fastening and wet proof zippered pockets with a quilted finish. They will keep you extra warm this harsh winter. It comes in all dark shades and styles. It can give you a trendy and sleek look. Healthy figures can find it a most suitable wear and they can look quite younger in this quilted leather jacket. They are quite popular and demanding as well. This can be a casual or a formal wear too.

Grey Waterfall jacket

From the name only we can suggest the uniqueness of this jacket which is very much new in this harsh season. The grey colored jacket can be assembled with a black top and pant to compliment the grey jacquard design. The furry jacket is made from soft leather and faux fur. The floundering waterfall front makes it a lavishing outwear and also a suitable party wear. It gives you a bold look; you may look quite younger and adorable in this exotic apparel. So hurry up girls because it is limited in stock.

Trench coats

Although not a jacket, how can we forget about the beloved trench coat.Trench coats are the timeless fav for harsh winters which is bit sleek, and appropriate for most occasions (especially snowfall). The protective outwear is not only trendy but it also protects you from shivering cold climate.It is made up fromquality leather which is both snow and air proof. It looks quite stylish with long floundering sleeves and round buttons. It is also known as one of the finest apparel which is not only stylish but also serves the purpose too. You can find one for yourself at ant reputed online store at a discounted price.