Leather Jackets For Women

Vintage leather jacket for men: The trends

Leather products not only look stylish but are also practical as they offer the required protection against extreme weather conditions as well as dust and rain. Especially the leather jackets for women remain in fashion in all seasons. Since women are more in to the fashion industry, they tend to flaunt their style in the modern designs and textures of leather. Besides, the leather jackets for women, there is a large array of jackets and coats designed for men also in order to cater to needs of the modern lifestyle.

However, there are still some men who prefer to have the vintage leather garments instead of the latest designs because they find them chicer and glamorous than the modern ones. For all those out there who want to have a vintage leather jacket, here is a brief account of the trends of the product line of the vintage leather jackets for men during all these years right from the 1970’s till 1990’s

1970’s was the decade of emergence of leather in the garment industry especially the men’s wear. So there were many popular designs introduced in the market. One of the designs is that of a bomber jacket with a waist length. There are ribbed seamed waistband and cuffs. The front zipper allows maximum protection and the lower pockets are there to keep the belongings. You can enjoy a classy look with a long fold over collar.

Another design of the 1970’s comes in the black color having hip length styling. An interesting feature is that it has buttons in the front instead of the zipper. The pockets are flapped set on a bit lower side of the jacket. The collar is wide and deeply notched.

A different shade of leather was also used in the 1970’s to offer a variety to the customers. Yes! A brown leather jacket with long sleeves is a treat to wear. The front is closed with a zip and there front pockets again set on a lower height. The cuffs are buttoned with a polyester inner lining.

1980’s vintage jackets were suede jackets made from the pigskin for casual use having a waist length. Its ribbed knit waistband and cuffs renders it a stylish look. The pockets are slashed with a front zipper. The jacket is fitted to the body contours by virtue of the stitching around armholes and belted band collar. The jacket is given a remarkable finish by light rubbing and random light soiling.

Another popular design of the 1980’s is a motorcycle jacket in black color. It is a waist length jacket having elastic at the waistband so as to allow the required flexibility and a zipped front with metal snap closures. The pockets are set on a lower side and the collar is pointed at the corners.

For 1990’s vintage jackets, the leather used to manufacture this design of jacket is pebble grain and soft to touch. The black color gives it an elegant look. It is basically a bomber jacket with a waist length again with elasticized waistband. The front has a zipped closure. The jacket has slash pockets having cuffs with metal snaps. One of the attractive features of the jacket is its tunic seam both on the front as well as on the back.