Leather Jackets For Men

Leather jackets for this season, inspired by the art world

Leather garments rule the fashion industry since ages. The leather clothing and accessories attract the attention of the designers and the customers and for the same reason, the leather apparel never goes out of fashion at any time of the year. The awesome variety of the leather jackets for men and women is always catchy and elegant making them the hottest products of every season. Besides targeting the adult variety, there are some funky styles for kids also. So, if you just think that there are leather jackets for men and women only, you must be surprised to know that there is kids’ variety also available on the market. One of the main differences in addition to the size is that these jackets have been given an artistic touch by portraying cartoon and other interesting characters on the leather jackets. Moreover, even for men’s and women’s leather jackets, there are many ideas to give artistic touch and making them a hot favorite of all seasons.

Yes! Now you may choose the favorite product for your kids with a painted comic book art on the back of the leather jacket. There are jackets with Batman, Spiderman and many other cartoon characters on the backs of the jackets. Little girls are not forgotten in this regard and you may get a leather jacket painted with her favorite Barbie doll for your little doll. Similarly, you may find a leather jacket with Pinup Art. Well this type of art takes the airplane nose art and the World War II flying jackets as subjects of painting. Not just that but the fashion magazines like Esquire and Playboy cover titles are also sometimes painted on the leather jackets. Pinup painting is quiet in fashion after the remarkable success of the icons like Bettie Page and artistic work by Albert Vargas and Gil Elvgren. The colors and styles added to the painted pattern attract a large number of kids making them love their favorite cartoons being painted on the jackets.

Painting on jackets is also quiet in the fashion trends if you talk about the adult leather jackets. In order to cater to the needs of a large number of fans, there are jackets painted with the pictures of the different celebrities like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears etc. So, now you may also express your love and respect for your favorite celebrity by wearing a leather jacket with a painting.

As far as the artistic touch in the leather jackets for men and women, there is an increasing trend of embellishing the product with spikes and studs. Although it can also be done on the kids’ jackets but it is more common in the jackets for adults. This is mostly done with the help of chalk. First the pattern is imprinted on the leather and then it is given the final touches with an exact knife. It is something which can be done at home also if you are confident of your expertise to handle the knife. Another idea of combining fashion with artistic world is that of having the leather jacket with fringes on it. Well! you must be careful as the fringe on leather jacket should not be visible on the exterior side of the jacket as it will spoil the overall look of the product.