Blue Leather Jacket For Women

The popularity of sky color reaches it high point this year. Tender color of sky "absorbed" all well known types of clothes, any kind of accessories. Markets and boutiques dazzle in a blue. Blue is not just blue, it's huge gamma of shades dark blue, blue, turquoise, color of a sea wave, some shades of emerald, metal blue color. Fashion suits, trousers, gloves shoes and jackets made from leather, go with blue rather fashionable.

This season fashion designers offer the most various styles and coloring of women's leather jackets. Nice leather jacket will become a " good" friend to woman of any age, some facts you’ll learn now will surely convince you, that the best color for your leather jacket can be blue. Pay attention that this season designers offer generally truncated models of leather jackets. At First, would like to tell a couple words, about the most fashionable tendencies and varieties of leather products in collections of famous designers. The color palette is very various, there are no restrictions. For example, Versace paints a leather  biker jacket in acid-pink color, Barbara Bui — in light blue, Acne Studios offers claret color, and  Alexander McQueen — classical black. In addition, actual in the current season will be not only monochrome jackets, but also models with various prints, flower patterns and color-blocks are especially welcomed. As for styles of fashionable women's jackets, first of all it's leather biker jackets, versions flared from top to bottom, elegant style and bomber jackets.

The separate attention is deserved by a decor of leather jackets. This season the highest popularity is reached by jackets with metal rivets, thorns and zippers, and also to jackets made from the metalized skin. Let's go back to women jackets created in blue color.

For season 2014-2015, are mainly short leather jackets with a zipper on one side, several pockets with zippers and models without collar, so it can be easily added by scarf. Disegners who made their products in blue leather, prefer difficult composition, they make bright impression because of perforation, combinations of various monophonic invoices and, despite blue color, look variously. Trussardi’s collection presents in cornflower blue. Combination of this leather color with bright contrastive dress, made your look complete and non standard. The combination of warm and bright colors especially blue leather jacket for women has been a new trend in this season, with blue being the predominant color, with all shades of blue put in. The new trends in jackets, this winter is the fur collars. The new bomber jacket style with using blue wool and front leather zip, indigo sleeves looks awesome. It will go well with a colored pleated skirt of matching color. Removable fur collar with overlay adds its unique design. Such thing as navy blue jacket for ladies is modern enough for this season. He adds to your look a note of avant-garde and refinement.

You can choose blue leather jacket for women in any style: classic, sports or bomber-it doesn’t matter, especially if you have unreal look! You will feel yourself confident and fashionable, blue color changes everything.