Red Leather Dress

The new patterns, colours of the classic leather dress- The top 5 trends of this season

Fashionable industry develops evolution and works according to the scheme when the next new product appears, we enjoy it some time, but partial changes continue occurs, the purpose is not to lag behind the course of fashionable life. But each rule has exceptions, our exception is classic. Classic proves itself. Designers play with shapes, texture, and use all possible materials and decorative staffs to make their masterpiece perfect, fresh and universal. This season dress-lovers will be pleasantly amazed. Podium shows, and fresh tendencies burst out with new colors.

Old style classic is reborn with help of new accents and elements. T-shirt sleeves, knee length, fitted cut, ladies will agree that we are used to such leather dresses, especially in red.

 Leather dress length to knees with middle-length sleeves is the most fashionable classic this season. Designers added perforations and colored inserts to some models. This is quite new decision. Different colors are welcome: beige, black, yellow and brown. Interesting new models we can see in silver and gold tones.

Couturiers renew the usual short leather dress and add such elements as cuts out in the waist line and back. It’s a fresh pattern for some parties and clubs for those who don’t afraid to show their shapes. Dress in this style will look nice with high heels of black or bright color. It’ll be good if your shoes and bag are made in the same tone. You don’t need to use much accessorize, only earrings and bracelets. There is very interesting design of short fitted red leather dress made of belts. This design will become a choice, for most eccentric person, this girl will look very unusual and stylishly, shoes on a high heel and your wonderful smile will make a composition full.

 Baby doll style dress became a sample of fine combination of classic and modern style. It can be with a collar and without it. Such way there is a white fabric collar in fashion collection of Valentino. Skirt can be medium- length or mini. What is more, leather dresses with long sleeves, look new, thanks to symmetric inserts from other materials. Designers convinced that dress in a baby doll style reminds women that little playful girls are still living inside of them. If you’re not ready for such joyful variant and need something really elegance and sexual, then next pattern is what you need.

  Lacquer leather dress made of soft skin is perfect variant for very courage lady. And because of using new type of leather, it looks more natural. Still it’s very sexual and can be made with patterns of red tangles. The sleeves of this model are long and tight. In autumn you have an opportunity to put on long lacquer leather coat and the effect of your coming will be very noticeable. More often color of this lacquer dress is black. But if you’re very hot and brave, you can wear lacquer red dress. It’s the second color that’s in demand for such model. Red leather dress is for women, who are full of provocative tenderness, feminine energy; they have fire in their heart. The owner of a red dress always makes the statement, only by her appearance somewhere. It can't remain unnoticed

   Last popular model of renew classic is middle- length dress with slim straps. These straps can be thick or thin. Such leather dresses usually have deep decollete line, top part now are made like corsets. It’s a kind of evening wear and if you decorate your look with sparkling necklace- you’ll be absolutely chic.

Thus, we have a conclusion: to look well- means to feel well. To be in a trend- means to know everything about latest trends. Follow new tendencies in fashion, show your inner world using stylish clothes, and stay "the first lady in society. Passionate red, unforgettable bright green or deep blue, all these leather colors will bring new emotions to your life.