Leather Mini Dress

The new and fresh design trends in leather dress. The top 5 of this season

Dress for women is such irreplaceable need as well as a suit for each man. Every season we see unique dresses we couldn’t even image earlier. Our world changes and fashion changes with it. So what about dresses from the world of leather? This year compositions and new fashion fantasies help us to find something that can make our dress collection complete.

What can be better for women than black leather dress? It’s a black leather mini dress. Mini shows your shapes; mini is good for night club party, birthday party, corporate party. It attracts men attention in one minute and can easily make you the main person in any place.

So we’re going to talk about five of most popular leather dresses. The first place takes classic black leather dress. The best is not changeable. Its design can have a lot of variations. But as usually such clothing shows all ‘perfect points’ of your body. Its shortness underlines your legs. Such dress is well to wear with different accessorize and high leather boots.

Combined leather dress is on the second place. The top and skirt of it are made of different color leather. Some models have leather laces on a skirt bottom and other models are pleasing the eye with various prints in all sizes of a product. Sleeves color is contrastive to the main part of dress. Combined leather dress isn’t fitted and it will perfect suit to any type of figure.

Third variant of the most demanded leather mini dress is a model without collar and sleeves. It has free cut style and round decollete line. Such variant is usually introduced in one color and is easy combined with blouses or bright golf and the jackets executed in the classical colors, low shoes and high boots will approach it. This dress is convenient, has no restrictions in combination with other clothing. You can put on a slim belt of another color and it will highlight your waist. This fashion variant is nice in Bordeaux, black and deep purple colors.

Forth position in fashion top list of this season takes leather mini dress with long sleeves. It’s fitted and its skirt can be fluffy, straight or pleated. The top part can be decorated with prints. Decollette isn’t deep and on the back there can be deep cut. It has good look with leggings and boots with high heels. If dress skirt is fluffy, then it’s better to wear it with fur waistcoat or beautiful cardigan. Leather fitted dress with some futuristic notes is good choice for ambitious ladies. Perfect color for it is rotten cherry, light silver, and metallic blue.

To finish our list it’ll be actually to mention about multicolored mini leather dress, which take the fifth place of our list. They’re the brightest innovations of this season. It can consist of small leather pieces of different textures and colors. For example there can be some pieces of crocodile skin, few of green leather and other acid pink. Such wild combination will make you bright and gay; it’s made for joyful ladies with unique taste.

Now you have all information about the best of mini leather dresses in fashion industry. What you need now it’s to choose right color, which will harmoniously look with your complexion. Here are color trends you can choose among. Brown color is dominating; "milk chocolate" is pertinent in this season more than ever. Leather in brown color looks presentably and appetizingly. Bottle green and darkly blue, light green and not aggressive yellow, among dark colors, black take the first place colors do your pattern really unique.

Find out the one mini for you, don't be afraid to make experiments, let yourself to look new every single day.