Leather Dress

The secrets how to look gorgeous in a leather dress

Dress for women it’s an opportunity to express their femininity and to show that they don’t need to prove the equality with men. Women should remember that their strength is in their weakness. And leather dress can bring to woman of any age chance to highlight her strong and unique aspects: elegance, flexibility and natural sexuality. This way, leather dress is the one of the most ancient trends of humanity. We don’t know the name of first “designer” of leather dresses, but we can only suppose that it was made mammoth’s leather. Of course that was different from Valentino dresses and surely ancient women didn’t have any imagination about wide variety of styles, but surely it was very comfortable and natural for their bodies like their future” leather relatives”.

It’s time to come back in our time and to understand how to be gorgeous in a leather dress. Do you have a perfect leather dress in your wardrobe? If you think that you can wear such type of clothes only on the party or special celebrations, then you’re very wrong! You can wear it to the work, meetings or just to go for a walk. Of course everything depends on model and color of your dress. Anyway this is the type of clothes which will help you to be individual, fashionable and just irresistible.

This season most of designers introduced amazing leather dresses and all of models are so great that first it’s hard to believe that they’re made from leather. Big variety of colors appeared this time in leather fashion. For looking gorgeous in your dress from leather you should find right style and color. If you don’t like bright and motley colors, the best variant for you- is the black dress. As always, black leather looks great and elegantly. It will highlight all dignities of your body and hide flaws.

Leather dress will make you very beautiful, but you should select style of dress according to your proportions. Classic dresses and dress of usual cut is quite good decision for every woman, models with fitted top and wide skirt can hide full hips. Short leather dress will be perfect for those who have slim legs and perfect figure.

It’s not enough just to wear dress; you should finish your look with right clothes, shoes and accessories. It’s important to know that it’s a bad idea to combine leather dress with leather jacket or coat. The exceptions are: shoes and bags. It’s better to put on fur waistcoat, cardigan or cloth jacket. Try to use a small number of accessorizes, because you only need to underline your look, but not overweight it. Without any doubt, women should wear high heels for being more elegance and ladylike. It can be shoes or boots similar to the color of your leather dress. But also it’ll be quite interesting if tone of your boots is darker than tone of the dress. If you choose black leather dress, than your bag or clutch bag can have some prints or patterns, it can be bright and snazzy. But if your dress is quite bright, you need to find one colored bag. It can be made from leather or other material- that’s not a big deal. This way bag will serve like supplement for your look. When you want to look bright and sexual, you can wear red leather dress. This color of leather will shine with your silver accessories.

Also we should pay attention on dresses made of reptile skin. This unreal combination of femininity and wildness is very current this season. Especially cool if color and reptile print on your shoes and dress are the same.

You’re woman- that’s mean that you have everything you need and such thing like leather dress can show your gorgeous nature and good taste.