Leather Trench Coat

Trends of leather coat popular this season

This year’s winter is expected to be really harsh, so there are a couple of trends in leather coats that will help you get through such a cold winter.  One such trend is the trench coat trend.  This trend, inspired by rebellious non conformists looking to stand out from the crowd, is great at keeping anybody warm.  The best part about these coats is that their long so they tend to be much better at heat retention then say a smaller coat.  Also, on other great thing about these coats is that they come in a number of different colors.  Suede trench coats for example are also really nice.  Some of these coats tend to be sleeker then others.  It all depends on the look you’re going for.  For example, the matrix look is slightly different then the grunge look.  While similar, the two coats are much different and give off completely different impressions when people see you in them.

What exactly is it that makes the trench coat so appealing?  The answer is so simple it may just slap you.  Leather coats are long and flowing.  Though it may seem pretty simple and upfront, the bold difference truly separates a leather trench coat from a leather sports coat.  One, while also nice and appealing, is just a coat while one is somewhat of an icon.  People who wear leather trench coats are flashy.  They want the world to notice them.  That’s why they enjoy the flowing nature of the coats. 

When you wear something that flows, it draws people’s attentions regardless of what you wear.  With the leather look, not only does it turn heads but it looks damn badass to anybody who does.  With the already flashy nature of leather combined with the flashy nature of trench coats, these coats in particular completely stand out among leather coats.

Depending on the color of leather trench coat you get completely changes the look that you’re going for.  a black trench coat on one hand is rebellious and simply badass.  A red leather trench coat on the other hand doesn’t make quite as powerful of a statement and tends to blend in more with the styles of conventional society.  Brown leather trench coats go the full mile with that logic.  Completely blending in to society as something that anybody might wear.  This however isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Suede trench coats and trench coats of less distinct colors are great for the more conservative consumer.

The style of trench coat that you’re going for also completely changes the look that you’re going for.  For example, the grunge look is closer to a plain leather trench coat that resembles other trench coats only made out of leather.  However, matrix style trench coats are made of a shinier leather with a sleeker look that completely stands out, even among leather trench coats.  One says that you’re a non-conformist looking to just be himself while the other says that you’re an enlightened badass who could probably kick any body’s ass.   With a simple change in overall fitting and design, the two coats while made of the same material and modeled with similar designs give off completely distinct looks that people instantly comprehend the moment they lay eyes on you.