Leather Coats

Popular Leather coat designs this season

Leather coats this season are a getting back to basics.  This season, there are four different styles of leather coats this season.  One such style is the classic leather coat, which is basically just a sporty jacket. 

It looks somewhat like a bomber, but the look isn’t nearly as formal and has a bit of sport to it.  The next style is the leather coat with a fur trim.  These coats mix too really great luxury fabrics together to create a style that’s elegant and sophisticated.  The third style is of course, the leather trench coat.  These coats are perfect for anybody looking to make a bold social statement.  Finally, there’s the puffy winter coat, which combines the warm nature of leather with the puffy coat style.  This coat is great for the coldest of the cold snowy nights where you’re out in the elements for long extended periods of time.

The classic leather coat this season is a look that’s absolutely grand.  It mixes the feel of a love to be out and about with the freedom of a leather bomber. These leather coats are perfect for any situation, whether that be a night out on the town, a hunting trip, a fishing trip, some midnight game of basketball.  Where ever you chose to venture, it’s clear that a leather coast will be there to keep you warm and protected.

The next style of leather coat is the leather coat with a fur trim.  In this stage of the game, it’s pretty easy to say that fur is synonymous with luxury.  Leather on the other hand is infamous for its great quality on top of the fact that you can pretty much do anything with it.  When the two fabrics collide, the results are a look that makes anybody look like a million bucks.  The best part about these coats is that they’re even warmer than regular leather coats.  So not only will you look good, but you’ll feel good at a temperature that’s nice and comfortable.

Leather trench coats are another great style to go with this season.  The best part about these coats is that they’re really long so you’re pretty much guaranteed protection from any kind of whether in them.  On top of that, not only do they make a bold social statement about who you chose to be in society, they’re also just plain badass looking.  The matrix was the movie that really made these trench coats popular.  And why shouldn’t they be?  They flow, they catch the wind, and they make your back stand out from the crowd.

The final style of leather coat that’s popular this season is the puffy coat look.  These coats are simply puffy winter coats such as the plastic ones found at any store only made out of leather.  These coats are the absolute best at keeping you warm in even the direst of circumstances.  Leather is a material that’s great at heat retention, so when you combine such a material with, say, goose down stuffing, the result is a coat that’s absolutely fantastic at keeping anybody warm anywhere. These coats are really great for those nights and early mornings where its snowing but, for whatever reason be it be work or pleasure, you expect not to go back indoors for hours at a time.  These coats will keep you warm through any such circumstance.