Leather Blazer

Leather Blazer trends: what’s hot this season

Feeling a bit of the chills already? There will always be a room for the oversized trend in overcoats that will rock this season. The comfortable leather blazer is a standout with the extra fabric sloping on your shoulders. The styles are oddly shaped to the classic cuts as well as the slim fitting structures. If you’re headed to the office, the neutral shades of brown and camel look amazing. It looks formal to be worn for business summits so you should get the size that fits perfectly. For your laidback getaways, a green, indigo or burgundy blazer is much cooler when slightly large. Read along to know more what’s hot this season.

The timeless black

Nothing ever comes close to a classic black leather blazer that stays versatile no matter what the season is. The understated and cozy outerwear is probably your most practical purchase for the transitional climates. Fall and winter coats look warmer on earth tones and the classic black.


Quilts look cozy and warm for the upcoming winter. Trending this season are the quilted leathers that fits well and looks simple when worn with monochromatic black and white outfit.In fact, you can pull it off for a long time since monochromatic trends are good classic pieces that you can have in your closet as it works with mostly anything in your wardrobe.

Statement buttons and colours

Colourful blazers look hot when enhanced with big buttons. You can adapt with the trends as long as you don’t overdo it. The clothes you’re wearing should at least go well with your lifestyle. Do you want to take a ride on the colourful trends of the season? You can also opt for other accessories aside from your jacket. You can get a new belt or a shirt in vibrant shades as well.

Supersized cuts

Since blazers are slightly oversized than your cropped, bomber or biker jackets, you can counterbalance the obscure yet comfortable shape by wearing a slim fitting pair of pants along with it. Although overstated trousers have also graced the runways, it is safer to not exaggerate the supersized trend from head to foot.

Just right for the lengthy cold season

Men can wear a leather blazer with comfortable straight cut jeans matched with handsomely tailored button down shirt underneath. The blazers of this season come in various lengths as well. The usual length for the gentlemen is the same length of the formal suits worn at the office. You can build your wardrobe with the pieces that can last a long time.

There are long coats and mid length blazersfor men and women as well as the shorter ones that look stunning for the ladies. The short cuts falls slightly below the waist that can hug to your body shape. The medium length is your typical classic blazer that reaches to your pants pocket. A long blazer resembles a trench coat that can touch above or lower your knees.

The lighter shade of pale

The pale colours of dainty pink, powder blue and avocado green are a stunner on the runways. Blazers look great on any size when worn with a perfect fitting trousers of the same colour. Wearing monotonous shade from head to foot with pastel colours isn’t too overbearing. If you love these shades of colours, now is the time to get that in a classic jacket.