Leather Shirt

The Top 5 designs of leather shirt this Fall-Winter collection

As the summer comes to an end, you have to replace your summer clothes with something warmer. Do your best to throw away all outdated garments and shop for the latest trends that will stay with you this fall-winter season. For example, a simple leather shirt is everything you need to look stylish and trendy this year. Take a look at its top five designs.

1) Biker or motorcycle shirt styles. They look quite tough and fashionable, and this is what makes them a real hit this winter. Some of them come with collars and zip fasteners, while others contain different straps and cuffs to stop the wind from penetrating inside. This means that you will feel warm even in the coldest weather.

Do not forget that such leather shirts also have elbow and shoulder panels for extra protection. Include them in your casual wear, especially when it comes to branded companies, such as Harley-Davidson. Check its logo that must be patched either on the front of back of any biker leather shirt.

2) Bomber leather shirts. They look similar to aviator jackets and the most popular styles feature special rib-knits at their collars and cuffs, as this is what helps to provide additional comfort to wearers because of sealed openings. You can be sure to keep the heat inside when wearing this type of shirt. This garment may have spacious pockets for carrying different items, such as your smartphone.

Bomber leather shirts should be worn a bit loose for additional insulation and they are longer than classic styles, as they provide more room for free movement.

3) Leather blazers. They are all about the evolution of traditional jackets and come with different buttons, cuffs and flaps that provide such clothes with a classy and trendy look. The best thing is that you can match this leather shirt with any pants. There are different colors to choose from, such as dark blue, green, black, brown and others including red, burgundy, navy and even white, so that your options are almost limitless. They have either one or two vents and come single-breasted with one or several stylish buttons. Keep in mind that the leather blazers with two buttons appear a bit slimmer at their waist, while 3-button styles will make your body look straighter.

4) Off-track office attires. You can combine dark leather shirts with a pair of suitable pants, casual accessories and shoes and go to work. Make sure that this outfit doesn’t stuff you too much and be attentive when picking the right footwear. Your shoes or boots need to support this kind of attire and the shade of your shirt. Brown leather shirts work perfect because they will look casual for daytime, especially the next winter season.

5) Casual shirt styles. They should be worn for different daytime trips with your friends, colleagues or relatives. The greatest benefit is that they offer an overall masculine look, but be smart when shopping for the ideal one because it should complement your body type. Try on at least a few leather shirts to choose the most flattering one because it should hide possible defects instead of revealing them.

Finally, when looking for something really unique, you should pay attention to available vintage styles. They have a robust quality, a bit rusty appearance, and this is what makes many consumers crave for them. This trend will definitely make you stand out from the crows and provide an aesthetic look.