Womens Chaps

The elegant touch to women biker: whats new in biker chaps for them this season.

If before bikes were meant as a men movement, with time we see more and more women on bikes. Beautiful and stylish, they fly on motorcycles and win roads. But like all bikers, they need special equipment that will make their traveling comfortable and safe. One of the most popular accessories for bikers are chaps that save owner from cold, wind, rain and they are so easy to put on, to take off, to clean and just change. If you use your bike for short trips and you go to work on it, you jus need it, because not every boss will understand your wild leather style. So, you can wear no matter what cloth under your chaps.

As for chaps for women, situation is more difficult. If men think mostly about comfort, for all women it’s very important to look good, so, chaps must not only be strong and comfortable cloth, they must match every woman, look stylish and elegant. All women need to look better, express themselves and cloth helps in it.

If before we saw a lot of models of classic chaps, made in black or dark-brown color, almost without decorations, now situation changed. We see a lot of unisex of women chaps decorated with classic symbols of biker culture, like wings, fire, skulls. There are also models, decorated with lancing, many zips of different sizes, metal buttons and spikes. If you prefer good old classic, this year you can stop on very elegant leather chaps with combination of glance and mat leather, it looks wonderful and stylish, you will show with it that you have good taste. You can easily combine such chaps with other details of motorcycle garment and it will look very harmonious. So, if you don’t want to change too much classic image of biker, you can choose such models and look good.

But if you are free-minded person and you like to express yourself, you have very good choice of original models of women chaps. First of all we see tendency of using of unusual color gamma. Before the most important was to use chaps only for practical side, now they play role of stylish element of your wardrobe. So, you need something that you will be able to combine easily with other cloth. You can choose white variant with lancing. It looks really luxury and you will attract all sights. It’s easy to combine white color with any other one, the only one problem is that it gets dirty rather quickly. But you can also do not worry too much about it, leather is wonderful material that is very easy to take care about. If you still doubt, you can choose combination of white and black or dark-brown color. Interior side of leg is made in dark color, so, you can do not worry about hot details of motorcycle and white side makes you look very bright.

But if you want to find something very original it’s not a problem, now we can see models of any colors, so, if you want to choose women chaps that will match your green sport bike, you can find easily such variant. And you will be sure that you look unusual, stylish and very beautiful. You can see a lot of dark models, like grey, brown, cherry, violet, they are also out of classic image of biker, but they are also very practical. Then, if you prefer to impress from the first sight, you can choose light and even romantic variants decorated with different prints, rhinestones and even embroidery. Woman stays woman even on bike!