Motorcycle Chaps

The new trends motorcycle chaps this season: The top 5 new designs

All the people who don’t see their lives without motorcycle understand that in a road the most important thing is safety and comfort. As for safety, you must take care about it, but as for comfort, there are a lot of accessories and garments that will help you to feel good in any traveling. One of the most popular garment for biker is motorcycle chaps. Mostly they are made from leather and they are used for comfort and safe of rider, they can protect him from climate changes and be easily combined with daily garment, like jeans.

This season you can see a lot of new models and unusual decisions and designs for chaps that you already know. You can see enormous choice of braided chaps, plain chaps, deep pocket chaps, chaps with fringes and chaps with dual comfort system. You can see a lot of models for men and women, there is also common decision unisex model that can be easily used by all bikers.

First of all, braided chaps are one of the most popular this season, they are very comfortable thanks to zipper on sides. There are models where there is zipper on all length and it can be situated on back side of chap. Such motorcycle chaps are often decorated with spikes and figure metal details. It’s good model for men and we can see a lot of black and brown variants. Brown is very popular this season, so, you can choose any shadow of this warm color and look wonderful. As for braided motorcycle chaps for women, you can see even extraordinary pink and read variants. This season color gamma is much richer that helps women who can’t live without bike to be even brighter and more beautiful. But even men can find some unusual and original models and they can find dark-green or dark-blue variants and look very manfully.

Very popular are plain chaps. They give classic look to their owner and they can have adjustable laces for extra comfort. It’s very easy to take them off, because of full zippers on sides and this is the reason why they are so popular for people who use bike for going to work. Very often we see pockets on them, for such model symmetric pockets are very fashionable.

Deep pocket chaps are the most popular for people who make long traveling and who need more comfort during them. Thanks to their design you will feel wonderful and very often we see such models made from thick leather, they are very strong and they can save owner even in accident. We can see models for men and women, but the most popular are unisex models decorated with stylish oblique zips, inner pockets in the middle of hip and spikes. You can see deep pocket motorcycle chaps  of any color and it’s also very popular this season to see models made from different types of leather. Such chaps have enormous popularity for women.

Now we also see on market special chaps of dual comfort. This garment is created for people who have to spend a lot of time in saddle and it has new design comfort system. You will feel extra comfort thanks to elastic and zipper closures on the back of the thighs. There is also waist extender for additional waist room and large belt that will give you more comfort in long trip. Very often you can see that details are made from silver for long term using and in some models even zippers are performed from silver. Such chaps will serve you for long time.