Mens Leather Belts

How to choose a leather belt for him

Leather belt of genuine leather is that piece of accessories, which must be chosen thoroughly. The main features, which should be paid attention on, are fabric, colour, length and ornamentals. An amazing thong may be found at first sight, but it needs to be selected properly, considering latest trends and designs.  

The models, which are always trendy, are introduced by Diesel. Such black leather belts with a metallic buckle and loop are combined with skinny jeans and a denim jacket. The main attention must be paid on the belt and a white shirt with a black tie underneath, white cuffs, which are seen, as well. It is a classy look for young snappy dressers, who concentrate people’s attention on their accessories. Self-made men must choose the belts especially seriously. Correctly suited belts to their attire will add to their look special charm, excluding the shortcomings.

When going for shopping, first of all men have to think of the quality of leather. Even patent or suede belts are spread this season. Mens leather belts may be tailored of crocodile or snake skins. Embossed and braided straps are also in fashion, but the belts of smooth fabric are the most popular this year.

This season colour palette is of belts colours is enough rich. The most popular are classic shades, such as black, brown, grey, burgundy, tan or cognac. We also see on the catwalks the straps of blue navy, turquoise, red, white, beige, camel, sand and other tones. Such mens leather belts are shown almost in all the fashion collections. Michael Bastian, Hermes, J. Crew, Ovadia & Sons, Robert Geller and others demonstrate various models of different colours.

If there is a need to choose a belt for office wear, it is necessary to find traditional shades, such as black, brown or grey. They will underline the look, consisting of strict suits, shirts and ties. The fashionmongers sometimes advice to put on the belt of the same colour as shoes, but some designers offer more bold options within combining footwear and straps of different tones. Such mix is usually demonstrated by young men, when adults try to follow classic lines. It attracts their exclusive smart and the desire to save the traditional look. Sometimes the colour of the ties and belts are also coincided.

As for the common design, which is popular in the fashion of thongs, it is a simple model with classic buckles, prongs and loops. The last ones are either metallic or leather. The buckles are usually metallic. The length of the belts, thanks to the loops, helps to correct dimensions within the waist measurements.

Mens leather belts are traditionally worn by bikers and cowboys. Than their design is another. Such belts are decorated with massive square buckles and metallic loops. The buckle can be adorned with different emblems. The strap is adjustable to various measurements of the waists. Chocolate or tan colours are most adorable by those who prefer a cowboy style.

As for bikers, they may choose another type of belt, which is studded or buttoned around. It may not be too wide, but of medium width. This season extremely wide belts are not popular, so the accurate thong is the best idea to combine it with leather pants or denim wear. The studs of the belt may suit the studs on the jacket. A cool pair of leather boots fit well to the common look.

So, when choosing a cool and fashionable belt, it is better to remember of its quality, color and updated trends.