Leather Belts

What branded designer houses offered in leather belts this season

Belt says a lot about the wearer. It opens if the person likes classic style or any other. The belt is usually worn for underlining the whole look and making it perfect. Las time lots of snappy dressers break the common rules and prefer bright thongs to look more fashionable and to stand out in a crowd. Some hypnotizing leather belts make the people follow the trend and adopt it into their style.

Different trousers demand to choose suitable belts, either large or narrow. The buckles are also various and their shape may be of different dimension as well. The colour of the belt is sometimes the same like some accessories – gloves, wallets, handbags or hats. Many people also try to demonstrate shoes and belts of the same tone.

That is why fashion designers often offer many options of belts and shoes, tailored of leather of the same shade. Fashionmongers advice to underline these fashion lines.

This season branded designer houses offer various belts both for men and women. Sometimes mannish elements are attracted on the females’ thongs.

Classic brown leather belts for him are offered by Italian designer Andrea Incontri. A simple type of thong with a traditional buckle hypnotises with its simplicity and its texture. Such belts may be worn in pair with office trousers or skinny jeans for a party. The designer recommends men to put this belt in team with yellow suit, which consists of classic pants and a T-shirt. Black shoes of patent leather are easily combined with this attire. And this is an example how to be free when choosing comfortable and casual clothing.

Brioni also offers a simple belt which may be used for any occasion. The designer invented the type of the belt which had been invented before him. The dark grey colour is preferred by business people, who value enchanting and strict business garments, expressing their life position. The catwalk look by mentioned designer is elegant and modern, but has classic lines. Such belts are always in fashion.

A bit narrower belt is shown in the collection of Dolce & Gabbana. It is also demonstrated in pair with classic clothing. But some notes of the look add some seduction to men, so this belt may easily infatuate a lot of females and of course such type of belts can be underlined by women in their office style.

If to talk about belts for females, it is necessary to point out, that there are various types of these accessories – from retro to updated ones. For instance, in the collection of Diesel it is demonstrated a classy model with metallic silver buckle and loop. This design remembers us some retro zests and ads more extravagance to the look. The designer offers to wear this belt in pair with black mini dress and a biker leather jacket, flat laced boots like the soldiers wear and a small black leather handbag. Such contradictory helps to mix some styles in one look. The belt is usually adorable by bikers who wear it with a pair of jeans, but as we see, it may break some rules and helps to create an extra modern look. Why not?

   So, when searching for a belt, it is better to remember about that rule that point us to traditions and the heritage, which is easily retrospect in many collections of this season. Leather belts are always needed, no matter what style we do prefer.