Genuine Leather Belts

How to make sure you buy a genuine leather belt

Genuine leather belts are those pieces of accessories, which must be chosen properly. It is so because the material can be often a fake. So, when buying a leather belt, it is necessary to make sure that you buy a genuine leather strap.

First of all there is a need to remember of the types of leather material which is used for tailoring the belts. Some are sewn of crocodile, snake skin, others are made of cowhide fabric.

When choosing the belt, the price will define whether the material is genuine and worthy to be bought. Not to by a synthetic fake leather, it is better to smell it and it may be made of some polymers which will not give an opportunity to serve for a long time. So, it is better to spend more money to get a real and genuine thing, which is called leather.

The designers of leading fashion houses introduce lots of leather belts, which may add some special zests to the look of the wearer. Such fashion creators as Louis Voitton, Hermes, Paule Ka and others demonstrate fashionable straps both for men and women. Each belt is unique and opens lots of new options to combine them with different articles of clothing. If to talk of their material, there are no doubts, the leather is genuine. The specialists recommend defining the quality of the texture thanks to the scent of the belt.

Those ones, who prefer to change belts each season, may buy them, not thinking of the quality, but real snappy dressers must remember of some reasons to buy a real and a cool strap, made of patent or suede leather. The first option is not easy when defining, but its price will help to be choosy within the work of choosing. Thanks to leftover leather scraps we also can see if the material is 100% leather. Genuine leather belts with accurate layers insure the buyer, he do the right purchase.

Grain leather surface or full-grain leather straps have a different price. The first ones are cheaper; the second is more expensive because of the whole leather belt of the highest quality. Such material is tougher and is called to be durable for many years.

All the people choose the belts thanks to their lifestyle and preferences. Some like to buy classic ones, others prefer updated straps. Latest tendencies within belts fashion are accompanied with different shades of the leather. Nowadays we are offered all the tones of the color palette. So, both subdued and vivid tones are in vogue this season.   

  The designers recommend bold colours, such as gold, silver, yellow, red, turquoise. All of them are deemed to be the best variants for spring or summer days. But, as psychologists say, if to wear bright things, there is a chance to improve the mood and become an eye-catcher. But it is important remember about elegant notes within the look.

Successful and self-made people chose expensive belts of genuine material. The most preferable shades for them are classic black, brown, burgundy, cognac and grey. Beige tones are not so popular in winter as in summer, but if to have a trip to the mountings, wearing some light colored clothing, a white or beige leather strap is a nice piece of accessories to be worn right.

The fashionmongers advice for people, who wear leather belts every day, to chose a full grain leather strap. It has to become the appropriative choice for those who value genuine material.