Braided Leather Belt

The latest in leather belt trends- whats new this season

Let us talk about leather belts. What designs and models are popular this season? What colours are recommended to be worn in everyday work look or going out to the parties? Which belts are called “to rock the show” and which ones are tailored for supporting classic fashion lines and bring the heritage of leather straps into the fashion world as updated options and combining the elements of retro.

Autumn-winter fashion collections demonstrate various types of leather belts. We are offered the belts of patent or sued material. Some designers combine them with the same fabric of shoes. We can meet different narrow and wide straps at Hermes, Paul Ka, Ovadia & Sons, BOSS Hugo Boss, but all the designers introduce many classic designs of thongs. Such approach is suitable because mentioned belts may be worn within any style, either office or party.

The main feature, which is met in many collections, is simplicity. It helps to underline basic articles of clothes, not emitting the belt among the accessories. But sometimes it is important to do. To be a well-dressed person, there is a chance to buy a braided leather belt. It is a timeless piece of the wardrobe, which is adorable by all the categories of age, professions and sex. Both males and females respect this choice, so that it may be paired with casual style. A pair of blue jeans or leather pants can be successfully combined with the mentioned type of straps. Crafted of genuine leather, such belts are called to create a real sporty look for those ones who value comfort and prefer to stay in fashion.

The braided leather belt is that part of accessories, which may be tailor of any coloured leather material. Designers offer various shade?, which we may just know about. For instance ladies are proposed unusual gold or silver colours, which can help to create an enchanting look and make the women, who wear them, mesmerizing.

  As for other shades, traditional black, white, brown or red tones bring the smell of eternal fashion for leather belts. Handmade leather belts are also popular this season. They are offered as special options with unique decorations. Crafted of special leather material, adorned with logo (letters), metallic buttons or studs, floral prints, chains, pearls and other things, they risk to be fashionable forever. Such customized variants are also made of different colours.

Some people prefer to attract chic, so they try to show it with the help of burgundy, cognac, tobacco or chocolate brown, cherry colours. They are worn within the everyday style and are designed for different occasions. As for buckles, which are teamed with leather belts, they are also different – some are square, others are round or oval. The brass colored ones are especially spread in the combination with braided leather belts. Silver or gold buckles, loops and prongs are also adorable by people.

As for young persons, they prefer pink, camel, turquoise, leopard print and other shades. Such belts are made for unafraid and free persons, who prefer to create a posh look and bridge the gap between classic and updated versions. Adults prefer to wear classic belts with less decorating elements, demanding to underline strictness and simplicity, but extravagance at the same time.

So, humanity invents lots of new accessories, but traditional belts are always valued by people. Such belts are demonstrated on catwalks and on the stages (by celebrities). Lots of followers copy them, too.