Shearling Jacket

Hot trends in Shearling jackets

Winters are just round the corner and the wardrobe of a real fashion addict is incomplete without the stylish shearling jackets. Made of the finest quality leather, the unique processing methodology of these jackets is what gives them a really stylish look.

Additionally, the uniform depth of the material used to make this jacket ensures that is able to provide ample protection from the harsh winters and extreme cold temperatures. You can also use the zipped pockets to keep your hands nice and warm irrespective of the chill in the external environment. These jackets also come with an insulated lining ensuring that the wearer feels nice, warm and cosy, each time he wears the shearling jacket. Also, the shearling jacket is extremely lightweight so you can comfortably wear it even for extensive durations.

Fashion enthusiasts are strongly recommending the shearling jackets as the hot accessory for the cold season. However, there are several types of shearling jackets and so choosing the right model is most likely to take up a decent amount of time and effort on your part.

Here are a few interesting suggestions on the latest trends in shearling jacket that can help you make the right choice in a relatively shorter duration of time especially for those of you who are planning to buy one for the upcoming winters.

The rugged design

For guys who are fond of the outdoors and like to include adventure as well as expedition as an integral part of their routine, the rugged design of shearling jackets easily fits the bill. Though these jackets are made of superior quality leather, their design is more apt when it comes to withstanding the rough weathers. Coming with full sleeves, the unique design of these jackets also ensures the comfort of the wearer. Even the raised collar is an added advantage that enhances the overall protection.

Contrast fur collar

This is a category of shearling jacket is for people who like to keep their style statement simple yet classy without going over the board. A simple inclusion of a fur collar in contrast colour is an excellent way to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the simple looking shearling jacket. In fact, this minor change automatically enhances the style quotient of your jacket by several points. You can comfortably couple such shearling jackets with the usual jeans and tees combo as well as several other apparels.

Dual quilted collars

Once again an innovation with the collar, this version of the shearling jacket is a popular choice amongst females because of it’s strikingly feline look. In addition to preventing the cold from entering your ears, these jackets also make you look more elegant and fashion conscious.

Natural tones

Even in case of shearling jackets, the natural colours are emerging as a popular choice. The best part about selecting such shades is that they look subtle yet classy and easily blend with your existing skin tone. Currently, the trending colour choices are black, natural tones of leather and even grey.

Figure conscious cut

This is another option for the females as it helps to highlight their curves at the right place and hide the extra flab to make them look even more beautiful. These jackets are not figure-hugging and therefore add to the elegance of your overall dressing. However, the special design of such shearling jackets is a preferred choice for the ladies as it amplifies their style statement in a subtle yet effective manner.