Flight Jackets For Men

Changing trends in flight jackets!

Flight jackets are stylish fashion accessory that add more glamour and sophistication to your personality. Made of superior quality leather, the unique design of these jackets protects the body from being exposed to the dust and dirt present in the external environment. Designed in a manner to provide a personalized fit, these jackets are a popular accessory amongst bikers, scooter riders and the general fashion conscious crowd that wants to flaunt its bold style. From patchwork adornments to ribbed finishing on the edges, there are several options when it comes to choosing flight jackets for men. Over the last decade, the style, designing as well as appearance of the flight jackets have undergone drastic changes in order to match the changing sentiments of the fashion enthusiasts.

Understanding the origin!

Before we try to understand the drastic changes in the style and design of the flight jackets for men in the past few years, we must trace the origin of this apparel. Way back in the times of World War I, pilots did not have a closed cockpit. Therefore, those who flew the plane had a high risk of damaging their body. In order to avoid this damage, they used to wear flight jackets. Little did the pilots of World War I realize that there protective clothing would end up becoming a popular fashion accessory of present times. However, the flight jackets have undergone several changes ever since their first use to become an extremely fashionable accessory of present times.

Today, the flight jackets for men are an excellent option for everyday riders as it covers their upper body and also enhances their comfort while riding. Even female riders prefer to use the flight jackets as a fashionable yet protective accessory especially when they hit the roads.

For those of you planning to invest in an uber-cool flight jacket, here is a brief preview of the changes in trends that have occurred in the last decade changing the way it looks

More colours

Gone are the days when flight jackets for men were restricted to the mundane colours of brown and black. In the present day scenario, you have a more impressive palate to choose from. Ideally, choose a colour that best matches your skin tone though an advantage of opting for dark colours is that they don’t tend to get dirty frequently. Even the simple brown and black options come with interesting textures and patterns making it look more stylish.

Ribbed edges

For those who like to make a subtle yet impressive style statement, the slightly ribbed collar and edges are an excellent option that makes your flight jacket stand several notches above the usual crowd. It is a minor change that enhances the beauty of the design.

Dual collar

This is a more fashionable innovation that has changed the way flight jackets look. As part of this design, the jacket comes with dual collars. Ideally, the collar design is of a different colour that is a perfect contrast to the existing theme and therefore helps in enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your jacket. You can also opt for a faux fur collar to add more style to the design.

Classic design

This option is more or less inspired from the original design of flight jackets for men with a few improvisations like the texture of the material, printing, epaulets on the shoulders, etc. However, this classic design is an all-time favourite for guys who like the macho look.