Aviator Jacket

Why leather aviator jackets suit pilots

While flying a plane, a pilot needs to ensure everything is in perfect condition. it helps in flying the plane properly, avoiding errors and reducing the chances of manmade errors as much as possible. It is not just the machinery or the plane controls that needs attention but the clothing of the pilot as well. Since the first pilots flying those open cockpit planes, there has been a need of proper clothing. Without it, the pilots can fumble over the clothing; suffer from extreme cold weather and strong winds, during the flight, affecting their judgements to keep the plane in right direction and condition.

Under all these condition, combating the requirements and difficulties a pilot faced, Leslie, the first inventor of the leather aviator jackets, developed a jacket using perfect fabric and perfect design. Pilots need something that is comfortable, cosy, soothing, suitable to movement, making the flight comfy and snug. Leather jackets developed by sheepskin, also known as Shearling, one of the perfect leather for pilots. What makes these leather jackets, perfect leather aviator jacket loved by every single pilot as well as fashion lover are these fantastic qualities:

Sheepskin leather is better and different from rest of the available leather varieties. They are lined with wool on the inner side, hence provide a snug feel. One does not need any other fabric lining when sheepskin is enough.

Since these types of leather aviator jacket is not made of tons of fabrics, stuffed with cotton and other such warming material, they are lightweight. Pilots do not like to wear heavy jackets, since it affects their mobility. Sheepskin leather jacket are quite feasible for the aviators suitable for their work and flight.

One of the essential features of the aviator flying jackets is the balloon sleeves. These sleeves help the pilots to move their hands comfortably all around without any discomfort, which is generally presented by other types of, leather jackets with tight fitted sleeves.

All the leather jackets made up of sheepskin or Shearling are hypoallergenic in nature thus even during long hours of flights, aviators can wear them without any itching or irritation.

With the inner lining of wool, these leather jackets are comfortable and superabsorbent. Leather in general is not absorbent in nature thus affects one in various ways. You cannot wear them for long hours, move with ease, and work around with controls with uncomfortable feeling.

With all the fantastic qualities, leather jackets are implausible and fashionable. Since the early periods of its inception during world war one, pilots have been using flying jackets for fashionable yet convenient look. Not just the pilots, but also the current 2014 autumn winter collection have introduced some amazing biker jackets inspired by aviator look.

Although there is an amalgamation of different fabrics and looks, but the overall look and qualities of traditional flying jackets are maintained in the current fashion trend s well. Flying jackets are not just for pilots, but also for everyone who loves to wear fashionable overalls during autumn winter period.

Flying jackets are colourful, stylish and conventional, something every fashion lover wishes to have. You can choose among the long length ones, short ones and mid length, ones available in traditional colours of aviator, as well as the vibrant printed ones. Go get a trendy look for yourself.