Aviator Jacket Men

The flying enthusiast’s favorite – the new trends of aviator jackets

The flight or aviator jackets are always fashionable for decades. Designers invented during the war the style of this versatile, practical and interesting jacket. Men and women all over the world prefer aviator jackets and its varieties. These jackets are reliable, they protect against cold, wind, rain and mud. Designers constantly changes style of aviator jackets, but its foundation remains unchanged. 2014-2015 fashion season is no exception and presents many interesting and original models of aviator jackets.

Such colors like black, brown, gray, burgundy, beige and white are the most popular colors of aviator jackets for men and women. Aviator jackets men usually are sewn from natural matte or glossy leather. These models have a straight cut. Also these jackets have classic rubber inserts on the sleeves and at the lower part of jackets, zipper-lock at the side or in the middle, interesting front pockets. Stripes, application, stamping on any part of the aviator jackets are very stylish and fashionable in this actual season. Color of leather of jackets and color of rubber inserts may be different. The fur is often placed on the collar and lining of aviator jackets, making them truly hardy to frost and cold. Availability of hood with fur on jacket makes it even more suitable for winter. Some aviator jackets men is quilted and this trend is very fashionable this season. There are some interesting models of jackets which are sewn from fabric. Aviator jackets are one of the most popular jackets for boys and men around the world.

Aviator jackets for women have a different style and look. Actual jackets of this season have straight cut, short or long length, lock-zipper or buttons on the side, wide collar that can be offset. Some models of aviator jackets have asymmetry cut in certain parts of the jacket. The designers have paid great attention to the variety of collars. The collar may resemble shawl, may comprise, be differently shaped and can be high. Lining of winter aviator jackets are sewn from natural sheep fur. Most jackets are sewn with natural thick matte leather or suede. Women's aviator jackets may also have different patches and embossed images. Also jackets may have a large number of buckles, buttons, pockets, what look especially stylish and interesting. Fur can be placed not only on the collar and sleeves but through zippers or completely cover jacket. Women quilted aviator jackets with short length and with fluffy fur is a trend of the season. Also this jacket can have tied sleeves and tied lower part of jacket. Women's aviator jackets or their parts can also be sewn from fabric and suede. Some models of jackets have straight cut, but some have narrowed cut on the figure.

Aviator jackets are suitable to any style. But usually men and women wear it with trousers, jeans and skirts in the casual style. It allows you to keep clothing proportions of the figure. You can wear aviator jackets with warm or light clothing in the cold season. Different scarves, hats and gloves are perfectly matched with jackets. Also aviator jackets are suitable for dresses with chiffon and lace combined with shoes. This is a new and interesting fashion trend. So you can create an elegant and refined style. Aviator jackets are usually of one color, so they are suitable for clothes and shoes of different colors and textures (leopard, crocodile, abstract, shaped ornament). If aviator jackets have embroidery or ornament, the best choice for it are monotone clothes. Many celebrities choose actual styles of aviator jackets in everyday life (Rihanna, Beyonce, Emma Stone, Brad Pitt, David Backham, Robert Pattison and many others). Choose your fashionable and trendy aviator jacket and look like a celebrity every day!