A2 Flight Jacket

The jackets which been favourite of pilots for years- the Flight jacket

The modern planes are technically advanced machines that have suited booted captains. But, in the earlier days when the aeroplanes first flew, the flights were open and so the pilots needed something to protect them from the rough winds. It was this basic need that led to the invention of A2 flight jackets. Originally, it was a signature accessory that pilots always carried. But, as the plane evolved, this pilot’s accessory also grew into a fashionable piece of apparel and a huge hit amongst the style conscious crowd.

For those of you who are yet to explore, here is a basic idea of the different types of flight jackets

1. The Classic Flight Jacket

This variant encompasses the old world charm. With it’s design more similar to the original flight jackets seen during the world war era, these jackets are ideal for people who want to flaunt the macho quotient in their overall style statement. Thanks to the zipped closure, these jackets serve the purpose of keeping your upper body protected from the dust and dirt present in the external environment.  Additionally, the flap pockets on the front make it look even more stylish. Apart from being smart, these jackets are extremely durable and come across as a long lasting purchase.

2. The Bomber Flight Jackets

For those who aspire to wear a blend of style and utility, the bomber flight jackets are an excellent innovation of the A2 flight jackets . Designed exclusively in accordance to the needs of the modern day traveller, these jackets add the much needed dose of sophistication to your style. From brass button closures to impressive cuts and concealed zip closures, these jackets incorporate every element that make it a comfortable to wear. Some variants of the Bomber flight jackets also come with knitted cuff ends that make it a perfect fit.

3. The Shearling Flight Jackets

Yet another innovation to the traditional design, the shearling flight jackets are made of superior quality leather that undergoes extensive processing prior to being used. As a result of this processing, the leather gives the end product a beautiful finish making these jackets a prized possession. To add more style to the regular design, you can opt for a double buckled faux fur lined collar and matching sleeves as well. The extra fur adds to the aesthetic appeal of the design and also protects you from the cold. Some variants also come with adjustable waist tabs so that you can easily adjust the fitting of the jacket according to your requirements.

The smart and short flight jackets

An important modification in the design of flight jackets in the last few years is the reduction in the length. The shorter versions of the flight jackets look smart and enhance your personality in a subtle yet effective manner. You can always opt for a good colour that blends with your skin tone and makes you look even more stylish.

Flying jackets are colourful, stylish and conventional, something every fashion lover wishes to have, the A-2 flight jackets have always been a classic alternative. You can choose among the long length ones, short ones and mid length, ones available in traditional colours of aviator, as well as the vibrant printed ones. Go ahead and get a trendy look today!